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Rajasthan chief secretary Rajiv Swarup likely to get 3-mth extension


Rajasthan’s chief secretary, Rajiv Swarup who will attain superannuation on October 31 this year will get a three-month extension.

The state government has written to the Union Home ministry’s department of personnel and training to grant a three-month extension to him.

The government while seeking the extension has said Swarup did an excellent job as the Home Secretary during the COVID-19 crisis and the government requires his services.

Extension rules

The state can ask for a three-month extension for all-India services officers. This can further be extended by another three months but not beyond that.

Thus, Swarup is likely to serve his term till January 2021. He can get another extension up to April 2021 and may thus be able to help the state with the budget.

In March this year, Rajiv Swarup, in a surprise move, was made the Chief Secretary replacing DB Gupta, who was made the Chief Minister’s adviser.

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Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s took the decision over Gupta’s alleged inability to deliver results. Gupta’s removal caused ripples in the bureaucracy as he was to retire in September. But the exact reason for his removal still remains a mystery.

It’s not certain whether Gupta will be rehabilitated with another plum assignment.

RPSC chairman

The post of Chairman, Rajasthan State Public Service Commission (RPSC) will soon fall vacant, following the retirement of senior bureaucrat Deepak Upreti on October 15.

A bureaucrat is usually nominated for this post and the CM may nominate Gupta. If nominated, Gupta will be able to serve as the chairman for two years. The retirement age for the RPSC Chairman is 62 years or five years of services.

But the buzz in the bureaucracy is that Gupta may not get the job and it is speculated that it can go to present DGP Bhupendra Yadav, who is set to retire soon.

Another name doing the rounds is Chetan Deora, the promotee IAS officer, who is currently the Collector of Udaipur. He belongs to the same community as Ashok Gehlot – Mali.

Apart from the post of chairman, there are three vacant posts of members of the commission.

The post of the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) is also lying vacant and the commission is headed by former journalist Ashutosh Sharma. Sharma was made a member of the commission as a member of the media. His term will expire in November this year.

The process of appointment of the Chief Commissioner takes two-three months to complete but the Gehlot government has not initiated any process for the new appointment.


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