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Rajasthan MLAs to donate a month’s salary to support govt’s fight against COVID-19


After the Rajasthan BJP MLAs announced that they will donate a month’s salary for the COVID fund, the Congress MLAs have also come forward to do the same. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had urged the MLAs to donate a month’s salary which they immediately agreed.

An MLA gets a salary of Rs 40,000 per month, a Cabinet minister Rs 65,000, and a minister of state Rs 62,000. There are 10 Cabinet ministers and an equal number of ministers of state. The collective salary bills of the ministers come to Rs 12.70 lakh and the salary bills of the Congress MLAs come to Rs 34.40 lakh a month. Former MLAs have also donated a month’s pension to the COVID fund.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has approved a proposal to utilise Rs 3 crore from the Local Area Development (LAD) fund of MLAs out of the Rs 5 crore entitled to them for the COVID fund. The Rs 600 crore generated through this will be used for vaccinating people in the 18-44 age group.

Gehlot had approved the increase of the LAD funds of each MLA from Rs 2.50 crore to Rs 5 crore, but out of this they would be able to spend only Rs 75 lakh for the development work in their constituencies and the remaining would be consumed for treating COVID patients.

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Immunising people in the age group of 18 to 45 years is a gigantic task and it would cost the state Rs 2,500 crore. Thus, it was thought best for using the LAD funds to combat COVID-19. Governor Kalraj Mishra has allocated Rs 2 crore from the Raj Bhawan fund for the state’s battle against COVID-19.

Rajasthan importing Sputnik V

The state government has ordered the import of Sputnik V vaccines from Russia. The state is facing a shortage of vaccines and the health department is struggling to provide the second dose of  Covishield to those who have already taken the first dose.

100-bed hospital in Barmer

A 100-bed air-conditioned field hospital in Thar district has come as a major relief for the residents of Barmer in Rajasthan. The hospital, which will take care of COVID-19 patients, is a major relief for the district administration which is battling the second wave of the pandemic.

Metal major Vedanta has created such specialised hospitals at 10 places across the country serving a total of 1,000 persons at a time. The company has spent Rs 150 crore in creating this facility that would be fully equipped with oxygen and ventilators.


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