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Rajasthan Assembly session from August 14 onwards


The Rajasthan Assembly session that is likely to start from August 14 is going to be an interesting session. The Rajasthan Assembly session has been called by Governor Kalraj Mishra after a long tussle with the Ashok-Gehlot government.

The Vidhan Sabha has issued a notification in this regard.

Notably, the tussle between the governor and the state government came to an end in the late evening on Wednesday. The governor on Wednesday agreed to convene the Assembly session from August 14. The Gehlot camp has termed the development as a moral victory.

Sachin Pilot camp to attend Assembly session

Rebel Congress MLAs including Sachin Pilot are going to attend the Assembly session. Notably, there are speculations that the rebel MLAs are hiding in a hotel in Delhi or Haryana.

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Nineteen of the 22 members of team Pilot have already clarified that their dissent is not against the party, but against Ashok Gehlot.

MLAs supporting govt to stay in hotel till Aug 14

Meanwhile, the Congress Legislative Party (CLP) on Thursday held a meeting at a hotel on the outskirts of Jaipur. The CLP has decided that Congress and independent MLAs supporting the government will have to continue their hotel stay till August 14.

The ministers have been allowed to go to the state secretariat to carry out their routine work. However, they will have to return to the hotel after their work is over.

The CLP meetings started 3 hours late than the scheduled time. It was because the core group of CLP wanted to discuss some strategic issues in the presence of observer Ajay Makan.

Some MLAs disappointed

After the CLP meeting, some Congress MLAs seemed unhappy over the CM’s decision that MLAs will have to stay put in hotels. Notably, there are two festivals before August 14—Id and Rakhi, and MLAs are not sure whether they will be able to celebrate them or not.


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