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Railway Received PMO approval to Increase the Fares


For the last few times, the necessities of life of the common man have been getting expensive. Now railway fares are also likely to increase. Railway sources have said that it was decided to increase the fares of the Railways due to the increasing pressure on the Parliamentary Committees and the management ratio. It is to be noted that the green flag has been received from the Ministerial Office.

A list of new rates has been prepared by the Railway Board. Talking of railway fares, it will increase from 40 paise per kilometer. That is, railway fares are likely to increase by 10 to 20 percent. After increasing the fares by the railways, the revenue of the railways will increase from Rs. 4,000 crore. In addition, the management and ratio will be improved.

Jharkhand Assembly elections were waiting for the Railway Board to provide additional information. And now after the result, the price is announced.The changes were also reported in the new rail ticket.

For the last few years, Indian Railways has not directly increased passenger fares, the railways are at a loss and the economy has not improved enough. Changing the refund rules did not help either. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the rent to keep the management ratio balanced. It is pertinent to mention that due to the increase in the required cost of diesel and electricity, the operating ratio of the railway has increased to more than 98.4%, which is the highest level ever.