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Rahul Gandhi releases white paper on COVID-19 pandemic to “help” Centre


Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday released a white paper on the COVID-19 pandemic accusing the Union government of having failed to prevent the second wave of the pandemic. He warned that a third wave of the pandemic is inevitable and the white paper is aimed at helping government prepare for it.

The Congress whitepaper has four pillars— what went wrong, preparation for the third wave, vaccination and economic assistance. “The idea behind our white paper report on #COVID19 is to provide insights & information so that avoidable deaths can be prevented in the coming waves. GOI must work on our constructive inputs in the interest of the country,” Gandhi said on Twitter.

Gandhi stressed, “We have prepared a white paper not to point fingers but show shortcomings and hope that, in the future, this will be addressed. The entire country is aware a third wave is coming… and the government must be prepared for this… that is our purpose.” He also said that the viral infection will be disastrous for the country in the third wave.

Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi also took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Centre’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. He said, “90 per cent of people who died (in the second wave) could have been saved. The biggest reason (they died) was the lack of oxygen. PM’s tears can’t wipe families’ tears… his tears can’t save them, oxygen can. But he didn’t take it seriously as his focus was on Bengal (elections).”

No compensation

The Congress leader also hit out at the Centre for refusing to provide compensation to the families of those who died due to COVID-19. He said the Centre is making Rs 4 lakh crore from petrol and diesel price hikes. He said that families who have lost breadwinners must be compensated.


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