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Rahul Gandhi warns of calamity if decision-making not decentralised


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has sought to know from the Centre how it plans to open the economy post the nationwide lockdown and also warned of a calamity in store if decisions were not decentralised. Gandhi also demanded more transparency in the Centre’s handling of the pandemic in the nation.

At an online press meet, Rahul said there was a need for better coordination between states and the Centre and that the prime minister will have to trust chief ministers and allow for greater decentralisation.

He warned of a calamity like situation if decision-making continued to be centralised.

He said it was not the time to criticise and there was a clash between the economic supply chain and ‘red, orange and green zones’. He said this clash needs to be resolved.

To a question whether the “strong image of Narendra Modi” was good for the nation, Gandhi said India needed “strong chief ministers, strong district magistrates and strong farmers” to ensure its welfare.

He added that the lockdown was not an on-off switch and said that barring a few categories of people the disease was not dangerous for most. Earlier Sonia Gandhi had also asked the Centre of its strategy once the lockdown came to an end.