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Rahul Gandhi says won’t lie on China


Rahul Gandhi says he is not worried about his political career

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has said he will not lie about Chinese transgressions in eastern Ladakh even if his political career goes bust.

Rahul Gandhi says he will stick to the truth as far as the Indian territory is concerned.

He made the remarks on his Twitter account along with a video.

The videos are part of the Congress leader’s campaign against the ruling BJP on the India-China border face-off.

‘Won’t lie even if my political career goes bust’

Asked in the video how he would react to people who say his questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on China weakened India, the former Congress chief said,

“If you want me to lie that the Chinese have not entered this country, I am not going to lie.

I will simply not do it. I do not care if my whole career goes to hell. I am not going to lie.”

This disturbs me. Frankly, it makes my blood boil. How can some other nation just come into our territory?”

“Hiding the truth is anti-national. Bringing it to people’s attention is patriotic,” Rahul Gandhi said.

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“So frankly, I do not care if it costs me politically. I do not care if I have no political career at all after that. But I am going to say the truth as far as Indian territory is concerned,” he added.

Rahul Gandhi has been repeatedly attacking the prime minister and the government over Chinese transgressions on the LAC in eastern Ladakh.

“As an Indian, my number one priority is the nation and its people,” he said on Monday.

BJP retorts to Rahul Gandhi’s claims

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has hit back at Gandhi over his attack on the government on the Ladakh face-off.

It has alleged that Gandhi is seeking to politicise defence and foreign policy matters and “wash their past sins of 1962 and weaken India”.

BJP president JP Nadda has also alleged that for years, a dynasty has been trying to destroy Modi. He added that those who want to destroy the prime minister will only end up causing further damage to their own party.


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