Gujarat Exclusive > Monsoon session closed: Rahul Gandhi leads protest march, says voice of 60% population crushed

Monsoon session closed: Rahul Gandhi leads protest march, says voice of 60% population crushed


New Delhi: Opposition leaders in the Parliament, led by Rahul Gandhi, took out a march on Thursday to protest the abrupt ending of the monsoon session on Wednesday, two days before its scheduled closure.

The leaders took out the march from Parliament building to Vijay Chowk. Addressing the media, Rahul Gandhi said, “Today, we had to come out here to speak to you (media) as we (Opposition) are not allowed to speak in Parliament. This is a murder of democracy. Parliament session is over. As far as 60 per cent of the country is concerned, there was no session. Voice of 60 percent population was crushed, humiliated in Parliament.”

The leaders of different parties first met in the chamber of Mallikarjun Kharge, leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha, and then took out the march, with Rahul Gandhi leading the march and later addressing the media.

According to Opposition leaders, women MPs in Rajya Sabha were manhandled and physically bullied by the marshals, an allegation the government has denied.

The monsoon session had opened on a stormy note and continued to remain thus throughout the days that the Parliament functioned because of frequent disruptions. The Opposition leaders had been demanding discussions on various issues, including the Pegasus snooping row, farm laws, Covid, etc.

NCP leader Sharad Pawar called the incident an attack on democracy. He said he had never seen women being attacked in Parliament in his 55 years as parliamentarian.

As the ruckus continued on Wednesday, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla had adjourned the House indefinitely. He later said the Lok Sabha had functioned for just 21 hours in the entire monsoon session, which translated into just 22 per cent productivity.



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