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Rahul Gandhi writes to PM Modi, urges him to stop vaccine export


Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has raked up the issue of vaccine shortage in a letter written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has also questioned the decision of the Union government over its decision to allow exports of COVID-19 vaccine, especially when several states in the country are reporting a shortage of vaccine doses.

Gandhi has said that more than six crore doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been exported, while India is facing “vaccine starvation.

In the letter, Rahul Gandhi attacked the Central government saying, “Was the export of vaccines also an oversight, like many other decisions of this government, or an effort to garner publicity at the cost of our own citizens?”

He also said that centralisation and individualised propaganda are counterproductive. He added that states have been bypassed right from vaccine procurement to registration.

He has said that several state governments had complained to the state government regarding the shortage of vaccine doses. However, their complaints are met with “intemperate statements” by Union health minister Harsh Vardhan targeting non-BJP ruled states.

Eight demands of Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi presented seven demands before PM Modi in his letter dated April 8, 2021.

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These demands are- financial support to vaccine manufacturers to ramp up production, to stop the export of COVID-19 vaccines, fast-track approval for other vaccine candidates, universal vaccination, doubling of central allocation for vaccine procurement, larger role for states in procuring and distributing vaccines, and income support for vulnerable sections of the society affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Focus on serving people: PM Modi

PM Modi has lambasted politicians for entering into blame games and doing politics over vaccine at a time when the country is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

PM Modi, during a meeting with the chief ministers to discuss the COVID-19 situation, said that those who want to do politics are already doing it, but he believes in serving the people of the country at the time it is facing a pandemic.

The prime minister said, “As far as doing or not doing politics is concerned, I am seeing from day one and I have been putting up with all kinds of statements without joining the issue myself because I believe that serving the people of India is our responsibility.”

“God has entrusted us this responsibility to serve the people in this difficult situation, we have to fulfil this. Those who want to do politics are already doing it, I do not want to say anything to them,” he added.


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