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Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at PM Modi over China


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has taken a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid the ongoing border tussle with China. Rahul Gandhi said that “Mr 56” has not said the word “China” for months and maybe he can start by saying the word China.

The development comes at a time when reports of a clash between the Indian Army and the PLA in Sikkim have come to the fore.

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

Questioning the silence of PM Modi on the issue, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “China is expanding its occupation into Indian territory. Mr 56″ hasn’t said the word ‘China’ for months. Maybe he can start by saying the word ‘China’.”

Gandhi also said, “India’s strength is a strong economy, employed youth and social harmony. Had Mr Modi protected our farmers, labourers, workers instead of hollowing out India by helping his crony capitalist friends, China wouldn’t have had the guts to take our land.”

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India-China clash in Naku La

Amid the ongoing border dispute at the Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh, soldiers of the Indian Army and the PLA entered into a fight along the Line of Actual Control in Sikkim’s Naku La pass last week, the Indian Army said. The Army, however, downplayed it as a “minor face-off” which occurred when a Chinese patrol team crossed into Indian territory on January 20.

The Army said that the incident resulted in insignificant and minor injuries on both sides and the tensions were resolved by local commanders as per the set protocol. While four Indian Army jawans sustained injuries, around 20 PLA soldiers were injured in the incident. The Army was successful in pushing back Chinese soldiers despite tough weather conditions in North Sikkim. The situation at the clash site is tense, but stable.

Indian Army statement

Indian Army issued a short statement on the matter. It said, “We have received several queries regarding a face-off between Indian Army and PLA troops in Sikkim sector. It is clarified that there was a minor face-off at Naku La area of North Sikkim on 20 January and the same was resolved by local commanders as per established protocols.


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