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Rahul Gandhi blames PM Modi for second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in India


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday launched an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Centre for its alleged poor handling of the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. He straightaway blamed the prime minister for the second wave that wreaked havoc across India, with long queues outside hospitals and crematoriums.

Addressing a virtual press conference, Gandhi said, “The first wave no one understood…but the second wave is the PM’s responsibility. His stunts… His failure to fulfil his responsibilities is the reason for the second wave.”

In one of his sharpest attacks, the Congress leader equated PM Modi with an “event manager”. He said, “Unfortunately, the Prime Minister is an event manager. He cannot deal with more than one event at a time. Anything happens, he will organise an event and deal only with that. We cannot do with an event manager in such times. We need effective and speedy administration.”

PM’s image is gone

Gandhi also raised issues related to PM Modi’s image consciousness. “The PM is trying to repair his image but his image is gone… It is time the Prime Minister stands up and leads the nation. These are the times where he has to show his leadership, his courage, his strength. The Prime Minister must stand up and deliver… don’t be afraid. Time has come to show what a good leader you are. So, please deliver,” the Congress MP said.

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He also said that PM Modi, being the head of the country, is also responsible for his well-being. “The buck stops with the Prime Minister. But the Prime Minister lives in a bubble… no one talks to him because of the way he handles things. So, in effect, the ship is moving without a clue,” the Kerala MP said.

Rahul Gandhi slams Centre over vaccination rate

Rahul Gandhi said vaccination is the only way to counter the pandemic and lockdowns can only provide temporary relief. He also lambasted the government for the poor speed with which the immunisation drive is progressing in India.

“Only 3 per cent (of the population) have got the vaccine… we have kept our doors for the virus open, business is being done over vaccination, there are different rates of vaccines. At this rate we will be able to vaccinate our population only by May 2024, otherwise, we will have to face wave after wave,” he said. He also criticised the government for trying to suppress COVID-19 deaths.


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