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Rahul Gandhi Can Be Seen Again as Party President; Resigned After Defeat in Lok Sabha Elections 19…


The return of Rahul Gandhi in April as Congress president is almost certain to be considered. Party sources gave this information in New Delhi on Thursday. Rahul Gandhi is expected to hand over this responsibility on the Baisakhi festival after the budget session. Rahul Gandhi was elected unopposed president in 2017, but resigned from his post after the party’s crushing defeat in the 2019 general elections. Gandhi resigned in May, taking responsibility for losing the election. A party leader said, “The leader should be accepted from Mizoram to Porbandar and the party is considering all factors.” He said, “No one can guide us to choose our leader. It is not an outsider but the party that will decide who will lead us. “

After Rahul Gandhi’s resignation, the Congress Working Committee (CWC) appointed Sonia Gandhi as interim president in August last year. However, many Congress leaders are demanding the election of party president and CWC members, including Shashi Tharoor. These leaders are advocating for CWC elections. Tharoor said, “I reiterate my appeal to the CWC to conduct leadership elections to activate activists and motivate voters”.

The Congress has reacted immediately to the statements of Tharoor and Sandeep Dixit. The party’s chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, “Those who are talking about the CWC should read the accepted resolution which appointed Sonia Gandhi as the interim president of the party.”

Maharashtra leader Sanjay Nirupam said, “No one from outside the family can lead the Congress at this point. Rahul Gandhi is the only leader who can lead the party and save it. Other leaders are merely leaders of a group and such leaders only promote factionalism. “

Let me tell you that in response to a question of English newspaper Indian Express, Sandeep Dixit said that presently the biggest and most difficult challenge for the Congress is the appointment of a president. Even after this time has passed, the Congress has not been able to elect the President. Many big leaders of Congress are afraid, that is the reason why the Congress President has not been found. He said that the Congress has at least 6-8 leaders who are capable of leading. He also said that sometimes you want inaction because you do not want to take a certain action.