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Protesting farmers break barricades to enter Delhi for tractor rally


Protesting farmers at the Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur borders on Tuesday clashed with the Delhi Police and broke barricades to force their way into the national capital much ahead of the time granted by the police for their tractor rally. Notably, farmers have planned a massive tractor rally post the Republic Day parade for which it has secured permission from the Delhi Police, albeit with 37 riders.

Police had to fire tear gas shells after farmers tried marching towards Delh at Ghazipur border for the tractor rally. In Delhi’s Mukarba Chowk, police had to use tear gas when farmers attempted to break cement barriers using tractors. Windows of buses and police vehicles were broken by the protestors. There are also reports of protestors snatching tear gas gun and attacks on policemen.

Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee’s Satnam Singh Pannu said that the police are stopping them from moving forward towards Ring Road.  He said, “We have to move towards Ring Road but police is stopping us. We have given them 45 mins to speak to their seniors. We are carrying out a peaceful parade. The route they are asking us to follow was not agreed upon.”

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police requested farmers to continue the protest peacefully and follow the approved route. The police have also stepped back from border points and allowed farmers to move towards their designated route.

Farmers plan march to Parliament

After securing permission for tractor rally on Republic Day, albeit with riders, the farmers protesting against the farm laws passed by the Centre said that they will carry out a march towards Parliament on Budget Day.

Farmer leader Darshan Pal on Monday said that different farmers unions will head towards the Parliament on February 1.

The farmer leader said, “We will march to Parliament on foot from different locations on Budget Day on February 1. As far as tomorrow’s tractor rally is concerned, it will give the government an idea of our strength and they will know that our agitation is not just limited to Haryana or Punjab but it is a nation-wide agitation.”


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