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Protest for Bin Sachivalay Exam Cancellation Continues for 4 Consecutive Days


Gandhinagar: Students are protesting for 4 consecutive days demanding for the cancellation of Bin Sachivalay examination. Even though the Gujarat government has constituted the SIT, the candidates are still demanding for the justice. They are claiming that they will stop the protest until the government will cancel the exam.

Student leader Yuvraj Singh Jadeja has joined hands with the Gujarat government. Despite this, the students are still firm on their demands. Meanwhile, the Congress also supported agitating students and announced to encircle the government in this matter in the Vidhan Sabha session starting on December 9.

Activists also took part in the movement
Activists seeking to cancel Bin Sachivalay exam, after Congress activists are also seen in the field, Chandrika Solanki, working for women rights reach Gandhinagar to support the students and appealed to continue the protest. Gujarat was called a government of Hitler. Not only this, she also shouted slogans against women power and the dictator government. It is worth mentioning that Chandrika Solanki has been sitting outside the Collector Office in Vadodara for 24 days on different demands. Congress MLA Imran Khedawala and Naushad Solanki were also seen agitating with the students today after Paresh Dhanani in support of the students.

On December 9, the opposition will try to surround the government
Gujarat Congress MLAs are preparing a strategy to surround the government in the next assembly session. During the Vidhan Sabha session starting on 9 December, the Congress will try to surround the government by raising issues like women safety, examination mess, crop insurance scheme.

Demand for cancellation of examination
Thousands of students have been protesting in Gandhinagar for the last four days to protest against the malpractices in Bin Sachivalay Examination of Secondary Service Preference Board. Student leader Yuvraj Singh Jadeja, instead of supporting the students, escaped leaving the students hungry and thirsty at night. But despite the announcement of Yuvraj and the SIT of the government, the students did not end the agitation and demanded that we do not need anything except to cancel the exam.

After leaving the party with Yuvraj late last night, when the students were alone, the Congress announced its support. Leader of Opposition Paresh Dhanani himself cooked food and fed the agitators and slept with these people. More than 6 lakh students took part in the examination to be held on November 17 for 3910 posts of Bin Sachivalay clerk. But in many parts of Gujarat, students are agitating for the cancellation of the exam for the last three days after getting the news of malpractices during the exam.