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Gujarat High Court likely to hear matters related to prohibition on March 1


The petition challenging the constitutional validity of various sections of Gujarat Prohibition Act and Bombay Prohibition Act which prohibits carrying, possessing, drinking liquor at private place and several other applications associated with the issue are likely to be heard by the Gujarat High Court on March 1. 

An application has also been filed before the high court seeking that it should not to interfere in the Gujarat Prohibition Act. Earlier, several petitioners had sought freedom to drink liquor at home or private place, and had sought an urgent hearing in the matter. 

The advocate general had responded to it by saying that the petitioners may seek an urgent hearing and there may be many reasons for it but the state government cannot provide them liberty to drink liquor. 

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Earlier arguments were made by the state that due to prohibition the crime rate in Gujarat is low compared to other states. People have lost their life and many have been injured due to reckless driving after drinking which is an offence under the law. 

Argument against prohibition

The petitioner’s advocate had submitted before the court that drinking in private is an act with self and it doesn’t cause harm or pose threat to anyone. The prohibition laws violate the right to privacy under article 21 of the constitution. The state government has no business interfering in an individual’s personal matters unless it affects social security. 

Gujarat High Court had earlier issued notice and had sought reply from the state government.  Almost six petitions had been filed related to prohibition in the state. The petition had further said that  alcohol is a part of human society for many years and  its consumption is natural. The matter is likely to be heard on March 1.


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