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Police Grade Pay Protest, 3 detained by Gujarat cops


Probe ordered, 3 detained over online grade pay protest (Police Grade Pay Protest) by Gujarat cops

The DGP has ordered an inquiry into the issue of Police grade pay protest that went viral on social media. And is seen as an attempt to misdirect the police officials.

A case has been filed in this connection in Gandhinagar against three people.

In a release, the Gujarat government said that at a time when the state was battling COVID-19 elements. Some people were trying to create unrest by raising the issue of grade pay for policemen.

The statement said that the elements were trying to rouse policemen into a protest on the issue. And using social media to misguide them.

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The statement says the government will blow the cover of those behind the movement.

Statement has also warned against policemen participating in any protest or forwarding messages related to the issue to create unrest.

One complaint has already been filed with Sector 7 police station in Gandhinagar for encouraging Lok Rakshak Dal officials to protest.

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It said three people have been detained in this connection. Also said that the work of a policeman was for the country and he needed to be honest and dutiful towards it.

Further it says that the government offered several other benefits to constables and their families including three months of paid leave.

It said policemen on COVID-19 duty who succumbed to illness were given compensation of Rs25 lakh. It also said that all cops were offered residential units to stay in.

A movement had begun on social media where policemen, particularly constables, were demanding Rs2800 grade pay for themselves.

The head constable and constables of Gujarat police were protesting the fact that they had a lower grade pay and wanted it to be increased from the present Rs1800 for constables and Rs2000 for head constables.

The men wanted Rs2800 grade pay for constables and Rs3600 for head constables.

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