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Private Member Bill Introduced In Rajya Sabha For Population Control Measures


New Delhi: The ever-increasing population of the country has always been a matter of concern and many people have raised their voices from time to time. A private member’s Bill introduced in the Rajya Sabha last week went un-noticed and undiscussed. The Bill Introduce in Rajyasabha is For Population Control Measures. In this context, Shiv Sena MP Anil Desai proposed a constitutional amendment in the Rajya Sabha on 7 February to control the population. Desai has introduced this bill in the House as a private member. Anil Desai proposing the introduction of incentives to promote limiting the number of children to two per family.

In this regard, Desai has proposed that the Constitution of India of India be amended to introduced a new provision, Article 47A. It is also written in the proposal that “he who does not promote small family will not get any benefit of any kind and whatever he is getting should also be withdrawn. So that the population can be kept under control. The proposal says that the population of India has already crossed 125 crores which is appalling.”

The reasons for this bill placed in the Rajya Sabha have written that according to the UN report, India, Pakistan and Nigeria are among the countries with the highest population growth rate. India is the second most populous country in the world. The amendment proposal states that population growth can create a lot of problems in the future. For this we should be worried. It says that people should be encouraged to have small families, which can be encouraged by giving facilities like tax exemption, benefits in social schemes and admission to school.

Earlier in November 2019, BJP MP in the Lok Sabha Ajay Bhatt proposed a ‘Population control by adopting small family’ bill. Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha introduced a private member bill in the House regarding the population control bill in July. In which he demanded that those who have more than two children should not be allowed to become MP, MLA after this rule has been made. It was said that government employees should be given undertaking that they will not produce more than two children. Earlier in 2015, the MP from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath did an online poll in which it was asked whether the Modi government should formulate a policy on population control.