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Preparation for Donald Trump’s India Visit Shows ‘Slave Mentality’, Says Shiv Sena


Before US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, Shiv Sena has attacked the Modi government at the Center through its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’. Shiv Sena has written in the editorial of ‘Saamana’ that the President of America Trump’s India trip is like the visit of a “Badshah”. “Before Independence, British King or Queen used to visit one of their slave nations like India. The kind of preparations going on from taxpayers’ money for the arrival of Trump is similar to it. This reflects the slave mentality of Indians,” it said.

President Trump, it is not certain that ‘Dharmaraja’ or ‘Mr. Satyavadi’ of the world. He is a rich, industrialist and capitalist and the way we have big industrialists coming into politics or keeping politics on the strength of money, President Trump is of the same views. Presently, Trump is the only President of the powerful US. Clinton, Bush, Obama have also been the first president. Now they are the ‘East’. One day Trump will also have to say the former. Leaders who are president of America are considered as ‘strong’.

US President Trump is scheduled to visit Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat on February 24. He will visit the famous Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad and take part in a roadshow with PM Modi. After that, the two leaders will inaugurate a new cricket stadium in Motera and address a gathering there, with an expected audience of over a lakh people. Taking a dig at the construction of a wall on a plot having several slum structures in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, ahead of Donald Trump’s visit there, the Sena said the US president’s trip would neither stop the fall of rupee’s value in market nor offer betterment to slum dwellers behind the wall.

100 crore rupees are being spent from the government vault for a three-hour tour

Is there any financial allocation for such a wall being built in Ahmedabad? Is the US going to offer loan to India to build such walls across the country? It wondered. “Trump’s visit is scheduled for three hours, but the preparations for it are costing the country’s exchequer Rs 100 crore, including making of 17 roads in Ahmedabad, and building walls on these roads.” “There was a time when the slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ was criticized, but it appears the new agenda is Garibi Chupao,” the Shiv Sena said in an editorial in its mouthpiece Saamana

Why did it come to build a wall to hide the plight of Gujarat?

The editorial also made sarcastic remarks about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It claimed that Modi was the “biggest endorser of development” and added that no development had taken place before he came to power, and none would take place after he stepped down. “When he was the chief minister of Gujarat for 15 years, and the prime minister of India for five years, why has it come to this that poverty needs to be concealed?”

Last year, ‘Howdy, Modi!’ was organised in the US, it noted. A similar programme, “Kem Chho Trump”, has been now organised (in Ahmedabad) ahead of the US elections, chiefly because of a sizable number of Gujarati people living in America, the Shiv Sena claimed. While it was earlier speculated that the program would be called ‘Kem Chho Trump’, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation on Sunday tweeted a series of posters confirming that the event is now christened as ‘Namaste Trump’, apparently to give it a pan-India appeal.