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Prashant Kishor Gave Modi the Title of ‘Vikas Purush’, Is Now Thorn In a Path


The victory of AAP in Delhi Assembly elections raises many questions, reassures the country in many cases and points to many new equations which may have far-reaching consequences. These results give the BJP an ultimatum to change its strategy, while the opposition also advised to unite. But the most important question is that in 2014, Prashant Kishor gave Modi the title of Vikas Purush and had made the Congress a coward. The BJP has also removed the weight of development by entangling the webs of Kishor, who has become a piercing of the house has been entangled in the polarization of Hindutva. The identity of the BJP is changing from day to day by moving from a political party to a monastery. At the same time, Prashant has put Kejriwal on the path of Modi of 2012.

Prashant Kishor moves
There was a time when Prashant Kishor got a bit upset about Arvind Kejriwal. During the Punjab Legislative Assembly elections, Kishor’s team contacted Arvind Kejriwal as a client. But Kejriwal denied the need to take service. After that, Kishor’s deal with the Congress and defeating AAP was no less than a challenge for Kishor. After the deal to handle the election campaign of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, Kishor’s Indian Political Action Committee (IPAC) first conducted a ground survey and studied Kejriwal’s political strategy. Kejriwal was first advised to do the work of his government instead of personally attacking BJP or Narendra Modi. The Center did not let it do it, it did not let it, instead of throwing the ballot, Kejriwal’s speeches, interviews started focusing on how we opened so many schools, rejuvenating schools, creating mohalla clinics, free treatment of injured in road accidents… etc.

Kejriwal propagated himself as a public servant and in every gathering he kept presenting the party as his party in Delhi. Whose concern was limited to the capital of the country which was busy serving the capital with full force. The propaganda of the party was repeatedly that AAP should be chosen for Delhi, just as people had chosen Modi and BJP in the Lok Sabha for the country. AAP had learned from the last Lok Sabha that Sikhs should not rush into politics. Kejriwal had reached Banaras to contest against Modi in 2014 and the party tried to establish its identity and reach across the country and failed miserably. After learning from it, Kejriwal decided his goal and curbed over-ambition.

Opposition does not have CM’s face
It was clear from the Aam Aadmi Party that the face is Arvind Kejriwal. The party constantly kept asking the opposition who is the face, but both the BJP and the Congress did not declare their CM candidate. The BJP continued to promote its Delhi president Manoj Tiwari, but it was never announced that he was a CM candidate. No face was revealed from the Congress. In such a situation, it was a direct lead for the Aam Aadmi Party that Kejriwal appeared in every poster, every campaign and he himself led the entire campaign.

Benefit of government scheme given with open mind
Discussion of free electricity, water and bus was not only in Delhi but in the whole country. It was a big relief to the people of lower class of Delhi. Then starting the women’s free journey also proved to be a trump card for Kejriwal. As far as electricity is concerned – the Delhi government increased the electricity rate and then made some units cheaper. That is, he got big money from some people on the increased electricity prices and got free electricity to some people of poor section. BJP could not make it an issue as it was its weakness. If it was difficult to speak against this politics of free, then she could not even promise to give something free to the people of Delhi. However, after the election debacle, BJP leaders are telling the people of Delhi to be free. And following in the footsteps of Sudhir Chaudhary, he is calling Delhi voters greedy.

Distance from communal politics
The BJP tried its best to polarize during the last phase of the election campaign and tried to polarize itself on the agenda of development not on the pretext of Shaheen Bagh. Propaganda tried to be Shaheen Bagh vs Nationalism. In every meeting, BJP leaders spoke anti-Muslim and accused AAP of appeasement. But Kejriwal kept discussing mohalla clinic etc. in the field of education and health. Not betraying the communal statements on behalf of Kejriwal’s party was also very favorable for the Aam Aadmi Party. At the same time, the Aam Aadmi Party also redeemed Kejriwal as being a Naxalite and a ‘terrorist’ by the BJP leaders. And an attempt was made to give this message to the voters that while the BJP is asking for votes on AAP, BJP is calling the working person a terrorist.