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Pranksters demanding samosa, paan on lockdown helpline made to clean drains


The Uttar Pradesh government has set up helpline numbers to come to the aid of the marginalised section affected by the lockdown. While the helpline is meant for those in need to seek help from the state, the Rampur administration has been receiving several odd calls. The latest was a man demanding hot samosas delivered at his doorstep.

Irritated with the repeated calls by this errant resident, the Rampur District Magistrate decided to teach him a lesson and set a precedent.

After receiving multiple calls from this person demanding samosas, the DM decided to deliver him the snack. But that was not the end. The local administration then made the man clean drains in the area as a punishment.

According to media reports, the Rampur helpline number has received many such calls. A day before someone wanted pizza delivered at his home.

Fed up with these calls, district magistrate (DM) Aunjaneya Kumar Singh said that they had to send the samosas. However, the unwanted caller was also made to do some social work in which he was forced to clean the drains.

In a tweet, the DM has warned others to refrain from making such calls in the time of a national crisis during the lockdown.

A nationwide lockdown has been imposed for 3 weeks till April 14 in which all shops and services have been stopped that are not essential.

The Uttar Pradesh government has set up multiple helpline numbers for residents to report complaints of illnesses and coronavirus-like symptoms.

The principal secretary has said anyone who has any kind of problem or symptom of the disease can call the CM helpline at 1076 and immediately get advice.

Meanwhile, two persons who were repeatedly demanding delivery of paan from the lockdown helpline had to face the same punishment.

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