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‘Pralay’, India’s surface-to-surface ballistic missile, testfired successfully


New Delhi: India’s surface-to-surface ballistic missile ‘Pralay’ was successfully testfired on Wednesday, officials of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) said.

According to the officials, Pralay can hit targets from 150 to 500 km.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the DRDO said, “Indigenously developed new surface-to-surface conventional ballistic missile ‘Pralay’ successfully flight tested from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island today.”

The organization said that the missile has met all its objectives.

After the flight, Defence minister Rajnath Singh tweeted, “Congratulations to @DRDO_India and associated teams for the maiden development flight trial. My compliments to them for the fast track development and successful launch of modern Surface-to-Surface Quasi Ballistic missile. It is a significant milestone achieved today.”


India testfired Agni-P recently

Last week, India had successfully testfired nuclear-enabled Agni Prime missile from Odisha coast.

Agni-P belongs to the Agni class of missiles.



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