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POSCO Act Should not Allow Mercy Plea to Rape Convicts: President


New Delhi: The President of the country Ramnath Kovind has given a big statement regarding women’s safety. He says that, “the Rape convicts under the POSCO Act should not be allowed mercy petition. Not only this, he said that Parliament should review mercy petitions.”

The President said during an event in Rajasthan, “Women safety is a serious issue. Under the POSCO Act, the rape convict should not have the right to file mercy petitions.” The statement comes at a time when the police have killed four accused who had done havoc with the vet’s in Hyderabad. The police had taken the accused to recreate the crime scene. Where they tried to escape by snatching his weapon. The police opened fire on them in self-defense. In which they were encountered.

The incident brought back memories of the Nirbhaya incident of 16 December 2012. The accused has been sentenced to death by the court. Meanwhile, one of the four accused of Nirbhaya, the Home Ministry has recommended President Ramnath Kovind to dismiss the mercy petition of accused Vinay Sharma. Earlier Delhi government has also recommended to reject the mercy petition of 23-year-old Vinay Sharma to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Dismissing this petition, it has been said that the mercy petition of Sharma, the heinous criminal in Nirbhaya case, should be dismissed. The convict of the case has demanded a mercy petition from the President.

The President said Creation of a society filled with equality and harmony is possible only through women empowerment. Much work has been done on this issue, but much remains to be done. He said, “The country is shaken by such demonic attacks on girls. It is the responsibility of every parent to teach their sons to respect women.”