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Popular Builders: Court grants anticipatory bail to Maunang Patel


A court in Ahmedabad has granted anticipatory bail to Maunang Patel in a case in which he is accused of not paying salary to an employee since 2017. The employee was hired by Popular Builders to run the SBR social Food Court on Sindhu Bhawan Road in Ahmedabad.

The court while granting anticipatory bail to the Maunang Patel said that the accused will have to remain present before the investigating officer on February 26 and also on the dates on which he is called for probe or inquiry in the case.

The court said if needed the police can file an application before the court for remand of the accused. Maunang has also been asked not to tamper with any evidence or threaten witnesses.

What Maunang Patel argued

The advocate appearing for the accused submitted before the court that Maunang Patel was ready to cooperate in the investigation and that he would remain present during the trial of the case.

The counsel said Maunang Patel has been granted bail by Gujarat High Court in a case of domestic violence filed by his wife. Five FIRs have been registered against Popular Builders so far.

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The public prosecutor argued that if the accused is granted bail then he may tamper with evidence and try to influence the witness. The other accused in the case are history sheeters, the prosecutor argued. The accused is does not reside at the address which he mentioned before the Gujarat High Court and hence there is no surety that he will remain present before the investigating officer.

Popular Builders including the present accused had asked the complainant Sandip Prajapati to supervise SBR Social Food Court for a monthly salary of Rs 40,000. They also agreed to pay him a 5% share in profit in the food court.

The investment for running the food court was done by Priyesh Patel, Raman Patel, and Maunang Patel.

Prajapati alleged that he ran the food court for 15 months but was not paid his salary since 2017. Maunang Patel and others owe him Rs12.30 lakh by way of salary. He filed a case against the three after they refused to pay him.


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