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Polls: BJP relies on delimitation to keep hold of voters, Congress on Muslims, Dalits & Adivasis


The election results have time and again proved that BJP has a better grip over urban voters while for the rural voters, Congress continues to be the party of choice.

Whatever few seats Congress manages to win in urban area are a result of Musli, Dalit and Adivasi voters in these urban pockets.

BJP meanwhile has continued to tighten its grip over urban voters. But apart from its excellent organisational and booth level people contact another factor that has helped the Saffron Party is the division of wards.

Every election the party has successfully managed to divide the wards in a way that the voter composition favours the BJP.

The division of seats that cover sometimes an entire ward or sometimes parts of several wards has helped the party divide the voter in a way that Congress ends up being the loser.

Polls: Congress moves SC against BJP strategy

In most states, the election is held as per the one ward one seat formula but that is not the case in Gujarat. This is why Congress leader Narendra Rawat has moved the Supreme Court against this strategy of the BJP.

Congress leader Kapil Sibal will be arguing the case and a further hearing is scheduled in November. If Congress wins the case, one ward one seat formula will be back in vogue and it may benefit the Grand Old Party.

Of the 52 urban seats in the Gujarat Assembly, Congress has a measly 4. All the four seats have a substantial population of Muslims, Dalit and Adivasis.

In Vadodara and Surat, the delimitation has ensured that Muslim votes are split on various seats which means they are not the deciding factor in the polls.

The same holds for urban seats in Rajkot and Bhavnagar. The only urban seats where the delimitation could not have a substantial impact in dividing votes favouring Congress are Jamnagar and Ahmedabad which is why it continues to win some seats here.

If the one ward one seat formula gets implemented Congress will have a better chance even in civic polls. As the size of wards become smaller, it will be possible to prop up social, religious and other leaders who may be locally known and have a better rapport with the voters and thus we may have different results during the polls.


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