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Politician Alpesh Thakor: “Rolling stones gather no moss”


 2017 Elections were the congress entered the new faces into the parties. During that elections Alpesh Thakor and Dhaval singh Jhala both were bought into the parties.Both of them got success and had also won the Gujarat Assembly but after that Thakor became the MLA then Alpesh moved away from the gujarat congress to Delhi were Rahul change his political status and made him the incharge of the Bihar.

Despite this,Congress and Alpesh relationship did not last forever and when the by-elections were once again held the 2 seats was in place of Alpesh and Dhaval but they have to face the local people of BJP. Then Alpesh was camping in Radhanpur but he could not win the trust of the Radhanpur people and this we can see the result in today’s election.

Ministerial claim

Alpesh Thakor had hold over the congress.He had soon became the National face but while addressing election meeting in Radhanpur he told that when he was in congress, he could get the ticket from whomever he wanted.This statement is nothing but in his another statement he told that he is ready to be your Minister.

Attack on north Indians

In Gujarat Sabarkantha district, the attack on non-Gujaratis started after the incidents of raping of 14-month-old girl.After that the people of UP-Bihar have started migrating to the other areas.In this case the name of Alpesh is being came out that he is also in this case.

What will be the future planning after the defeat? 

Alpesh Thakor started his political career in Gujarat by organizing agitation on liquor ban.He had also attacked Gujarat government many times over liquor.In all this Alpesh had lost everything, so it can be said that the death of an an agitator in Gujarat was done in a political manner in a great way and it will be good to see Alpesh that what is the true politics and how does it makes a sense.