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Policeman who faced discrimination, converted in to Buddhism with family in Khambhisar village of Gujarat


Hitesh Chavda, Gandhinagar: Dalit who faced discrimination on road while driving wedding possession, now converted into Budhhism. In a function yesterday, held in Idar, total 105 people including two families of Khambhisar village of Gujarat converted into religion of Budhhism.

In month of May, a wedding possession of Dalit community was stopped on road by some villagers of Khambhisar village of Aravalli district. Villagers, though in presence of police opposed the wedding possession on village road made a clash between two groups. The incident was highly criticized by people our state and cases was also registered and many of responsible person behind the grievance sent to jail then.

Dalit community of the village and over the state opposed such discriminative practices with Dalit people. After such incidents in Khambhisar and neighbor districts in Gujarat that people criticized the hierarchy of Hindu society for such things like not allowing Dalit groom to hold wedding possession.

Yesterday, Pankaj Rathod, a policeman in Gujarat state police department, and his cousin Mahendra Rathod, revenue Talati in Gujarat government, took Diksha of Buddhism at Idar in function of Buddhist saint came from Nagpur and Mumbai.

Yesterday 105, people took Diksha of Buddhism and all belongs to Dalit community, Rathod confirmed the details.

Rathod said, “We are not being counted in Human, We are not allowed to visit temple since 70 years of Independence. We were thought to have there is one Hindu, but not caste hierarchy. But have face discrimination day to day in life was feeling insulting to use and that’s was yesterday, my family accepted Buddhism so becoming a Buddhist as what Babasaheb Ambedkar had said, We would have our own identity as Buddhist now.”

“Most of educated people of Dalit community converted Buddhism in yesterda’s function with the statement that ‘enough is enough, not more discrimination now’”, Rathod added.