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PM Narendra Modi Can Sell ‘Taj Mahal’ Like PSUs: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi: For the Delhi Assembly elections, the Congress also started campaigning in Delhi with the former party president saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can sell ‘Taj Mahal’ like PSUs. Rahul addressed two poll rallies in Jangpura and Sangam Vihar, while his sister and party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi shared the stage with him in his second rally. Both siblings accused Modi and BJP and Arvind Kejriwal and AAP of spreading hatred and doing nothing for the employment.

This is the first time that the top leadership of the Congress has come out to campaign for their candidates in the campaign for the Delhi elections. At the same time, former PM Manmohan Singh said that it is a shame that despite being educated, our youth have to wander for employment and in such a situation, solid steps will be taken to tackle unemployment if the Congress comes to power in Delhi. A senior Congress leader said at an election meeting in Tilak Nagar, “I want to raise some issues which are related to the youth today. Even after spending so much money on education, they have to wander for employment. It’s a matter of shame.”

In his first rally before the election, Rahul said that the current environment of the country, hatred, violence and attacks on women are harming India and people are not benefiting from it. Gandhi lashed out at the BJP for not tackling the issue of economic recession and unemployment and encouraging violence. He said, “They (BJP) talk about Hinduism, they talk about Islam, they talk about Sikhism. They have no knowledge of religion. Where is it written in Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism to attack other people, suppress them.”

At the same time, the Congress leader said, “Modi can also sell Taj Mahal”. It is true that government companies are being sold. They have sold LIC, BPCL, Air India, BSNL and they are also planning to sell to Railways. His pace is really fast. Priyanka Gandhi said that the BJP says that it wants to make Delhi like Uttar Pradesh. She said that there is crime and anarchy in Uttar Pradesh and there is no sign of development and the PM had spend crores of rupees in campaigning. Kejriwal is not far behind, then the question arises that if work is speaking then what is the need of campaigning?