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PM Narendra Modi and Nathuram Godse are Men of the Same Ideology: Rahul Gandhi


Congress is protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act these days. In this way, after Jaipur, now former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on Wayanad tour. Addressing the Constitution Bachao rally in Wayanad, Rahul Gandhi has raised controversy after giving a statement. He said that the ideology of Nathuram Godse and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the same. There is no difference between the ideology of both. Just Narendra Modi does not have the courage to say that he believes in Nathuram Godse.

Rahul Gandhi said that Indians have to prove that they are Indians. Who is Narendra Modi, who determines that I am an Indian. Who has given them this license to decide who is an Indian or who is not? I know that I am an Indian. I do not need to prove this to anyone. Remembering Mahatma Gandhi, he said, “It was a day when one of the greatest men ever born in India was taken away from us. He was taken away by a person who was consumed by hatred. Nathuram Godse tried to kill Gandhi a number of times. And he succeeded in it. Godse hated Gandhi because he was in search of the truth.”

Rahul Gandhi has also surrounded the government on matters of employment and economy. Rahul Gandhi said that did you notice that whenever you ask Narendra Modi about unemployment and jobs, he starts distracting. The National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) are not going to give you jobs. It may be noted that earlier in Jaipur, Rahul had accused Narendra Modi of damaging the image of the country. He said that earlier India had an image of brotherhood, but Narendra Modi damaged that image.