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Covid-19: PM Modi tells North-East chief ministers to focus on micro-containment

  • PM Modi had held a meeting with the chief ministers to review Covid preparations in the region


New Delhi: Concerned over the rise in daily cases of Covid-19 in northeastern states, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday reviewed their ongoing work as well as preparations for the likely third wave of the pandemic. He also addressed the chief ministers of all the northeastern states and suggested the further course of action.

“Northeastern states are working hard to fight Covid pandemic. Cases in northeast states are going up. We have to stop this spread by taking steps at a micro level,” said PM Modi, while urging them to work on micro-containment.

He also commended the work that had been done in the region till now. “Everyone has been consistently working hard for past one-and-a-half years. Despite the geological challenges of the northeast, testing and treatment and vaccination infrastructure was prepared,” he said.


‘Need to be alert’

During his address, PM Modi mentioned the rising number of cases in the Northeast. “There are a few districts in NE where there has been increase in Covid transmission. We will have to detect these signs and remain alert. We will also have to keep people on alert,” he said.

He added that stricter measures would have to be taken at the micro level. He shared Assam CM Himanta Biswa’s strategy of focusing on micro-containment instead of opting for lockdown.

“The more we focus on micro-containment of the cases, the faster we will be able to emerge out of this situation. In the past 1.5 years, our experiences and the best practices that we have come across must be put to use optimally. Different states would have had different innovative practices. We must identify these best practices and popularize them,” PM Modi said.


‘Watch out for new variants’

The prime minister also expressed concern over the ever-mutating nature of the virus. “We have to keep watch on every variant of coronavirus. Every change in the virus keeps adding to our challenges. Experts are constantly studying every mutation,” he said.

“In such a situation, prevention and treatment are of utmost importance. We must focus our energies on these aspects,” PM Modi added.

He reiterated the importance of social distancing and wearing mask as well as getting vaccinated. India’s strategy of testing, tracking and treatment can help save several lives, he added.

He expressed concern over crowding in market places. “It is important to make people understand that the third wave of the pandemic won’t come on its own. It comes when somebody calls it… Our focus should be on how to prevent the third wave.”

He urged everyone to take every step related to Covid protocol seriously and called upon people to get vaccinated so as to be prepared ahead of the next wave.


‘Arrange for trained manpower’

While talking about the grant by the Centre to northeastern states, Modi said that the Cabinet had recent approved a package of Rs 23,000 crore which would help every northeastern state to strengthen its health infrastructure in the fight against Covid.

He urged the chief ministers to promptly complete the work of setting up around 150 oxygen plants. He advised them to arrange for skilled manpower so that there is no problem later. He assured them of all necessary help from the Centre.

PM Modi also advised the CMs to set up temporary hospitals in the region.

“Steps must be taken for not just random testing for Covid-19, but also for aggressive testing in clusters,” the prime minister said.

At the end of the meeting, Modi also expressed confidence that all these measures would be able to curb the spike in cases in the region.



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