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PM Modi again justifies new farm laws in Varanasi as farmers’ protest enters 5th day


At a time when the Centre is struggling to put an end to the massive protests launched by the farmers against the Centre’s newly enacted farm laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday once again tried to justify the need for the new farm laws. He was speaking at an event in his constituency Varanasi.

PM Modi had earlier too supported the new farm laws and hailed them as “game-changers”.

Reacting to allegations made by protesting farmers that the new far laws are meant to benefit the corporate, PM Modi said the government has no intention to deceive the farmers. He said that the Centre’s intentions are as holy as the Ganga river, but blamed the Congress for putting apprehension in the minds of the farmers.

PM Modi assures farmers

PM Modi also tried to assure the farmers that the new laws are in no way going to do away with the mandi system. He said that if a farmer thinks that the earlier system was better, the new laws are not going to stop them in any manner.

PM Modi said the new farm laws have given farmers new options and safeguards.

The prime minister said, “Farmers should get full profit from international markets. India’s farm produce is famous across the world. This big market and more money – shouldn’t they (the farmers) have this in reach?”

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“Earlier, any transactions outside a mandi were considered illegal. This was against small farmers who could not even reach mandis. Now even the smallest of farmers can legally operate outside mandis,” he added.

PM Modi hails new laws as game-changers

PM Modi, during his monthly radio address Mann-Ki-Baat on Sunday, hailed the new farm laws as game-changers.

He said, “Since ages, these demands of farmers which at one point of time or the other all political parties had promised to them, have now been fulfilled. After deep deliberations, Parliament recently passed farm reform laws.”

“These reforms have not only freed the farmers from various shackles but have also given them new rights and opportunities. In such a short span of time, these rights have started reducing the problems of farmers,” he added.


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