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PM Modi makes a statement through ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on the auspicious day of Diwali


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed through “Mann Ki Baat” program on the festival of Diwali. On this occasion,PM Modi first greeted Diwali to the countrymen,saying that this Diwali expands the light and eliminates the spirit of enmity and he also mentioned the life of Guru Nanak.

Salute the feminine power

PM Modi said that embracing the positive light on the festival of Diwali. In ‘Mann Ki Baat’ we have decided different so this Diwali we will celebrate the feminine power of India and its achievements. By this we will give honor to India’s Lakshmi.

PM Modi spoke in Ayodhya dispute

PM Modi mentioned controversy in his radio program. Modi referring to the High court decision in 2010 on Ayodhya dispute,said that when the Allahabad high court decision came in the Ram Temple, what did some people said and created an atmosphere in the country? and all this matter went for 5 to 10 days but later on political parties,social organizations and people from civil society made statements’Honored the dignity of the justice system’ and now we have to pay attention that how much strength the country has.

Diwali celebrations around the world

Meanwhile, PM Modi said that Diwali is not only celebrated in India but it is celebrated across the world. PM Modi further said that our country is the country of festivals. Therefore, there is immense potential for festival Tourism. So,we should spread the joy of our festival and involved the people of different countries and state in it.