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PM Modi is a Fascist, Such People Don’t Have Horns on Their Heads : Javed Akhtar


After implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act, people associated with Bollywood are constantly attacking the Modi government. In such a situation, famous lyricist Javed Akhtar and director Mahesh Bhatt are also criticizing the Modi government these days. Javed Akhtar called PM Modi a ‘fascist’ in an interview to Al Jazeera today. Akhtar was speaking to the news channel along with his film industry colleague, director Mahesh Bhatt. Akhtar went on to add that fascist is a ‘thinking’.

In an interview Javed Akhtar was asked whether Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is a fascist? Responding to this, he said, “Of course, he is. I mean, fascists don’t have horns on their heads. Fascist is a thinking. And thinking that ‘we are better than others and whatever problems we have, it is because of these people’… the moment you hate people in wholesale, you’re a fascist.”

At the same time, the question was asked to the director Mahesh Bhatt, is it really Islamophobic in India as is being said towards the Muslims around the world? In response to this question, he said, “Well, I think Islamophobia, the winds of Islamophobia blew through the world after 9/11 and I think the phobia here is manufactured, because I don’t think the average Indian is so frightened of a Muslim.”

Javed Akhtar and Mahesh Bhatt have also been in the headlines for opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of citizens for a long time. In this case both of them have criticized the Modi government on several occasions. Apart from these, many Bollywood stars have also opposed the CAA and NRC. These include many big names like Anurag Kashyap, Swara Bhaskar and Naseeruddin Shah.