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PM Modi urges Indian toy makers to reach out to global markets


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday virtually inaugurated The India Toy Fair in New Delhi. It is a first-of-its-kind initiative that aims to bring together all stakeholders of the Indian toy industry on a virtual platform to create sustainable linkages and promote dialogue for the holistic development of the industry.

The Toy Fair that will continue till March 2 witnessed the participation of more than 1,000 exhibitors.

PM Modi reiterates his aatmanirbhar pitch

In his address, PM Modi called for bringing out the hidden potential of the toy industry in India and to create an identity for it as a big part of the campaign for Aatmanirbhar Bharat. This first toy fair is not just a business or economic event but it is a link to strengthen the country’s age-old culture of sports and games, he added.

He said the world has done research on toys from the era of Indus valley civilization, Mohenjo-Daro to Harappa. When foreign travellers came to India, they used to learn Indian sports and used to take it with them. He said this toy fair is one such platform where one can discuss toy design, innovation, technology, marketing and packaging and also share experiences.

Toys aid to the all-round development of kids

The prime minister said toys contribute to the all-round development of children. He said reuse and recycling have been a part of the Indian lifestyle. Most Indian toys are made from natural and eco-friendly items, the colours used in them are also natural and safe. He said these toys also connect the mind with our history and culture and are also helpful in social mental development and cultivation of Indian outlook.

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He appealed to the country’s toy manufacturers to make toys that are better for both ecology and psychology. He urged them to use such things that can be recycled and use less plastic.

Knowledge through toys

PM Modi said the creative toys develop the senses of kids and give wings to their imaginations. He urged the parents to play with their children because toys play a vital role in the learning process of children. He said the parents should understand the science of toys and the role they play in the development of children.

Indian toys not only entertain, but also teach us scientific theories. ‘Lattu’ teaches us gravity and balance, ‘Gullel’ teaches us potential and kinetic energy. He said in this direction, the government has taken effective steps and brought changes through the new National Education Policy (NEP).

PM Modi said the NEP incorporates play-based and activity-based education on a large scale. This is an education system in which special attention has been paid to the development of logical and creative thinking in the children, he added.

National toy action plan

The prime minister mentioned that the country has now graded the toy industry in 24 major sectors and a National Toy Action Plan has also been prepared. He said 15 ministries and departments have been included in it to make these industries competitive and make our country self-reliant in toys.

The prime minister said that the government is working on developing toy clusters so that our local toys can go global and help build Aatmanirbhar Bharat. He informed that throughout this campaign, state governments have been made an equal partner in developing the toy clusters. He also said that efforts are being made to strengthen the possibilities of toy tourism.


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