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PM Modi pushes for ‘One Earth One Health’ approach, TRIPS waiver in G7 leaders’ summit


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stressed the need for a “One Earth One Health” approach while participating in the first outreach session of the G7 leaders’ summit being hosted by the UK. The prime minister asserted that global unity, leadership and solidarity are required to combat future pandemics, saying that democratic and transparent societies have a special role to play in this regard.

PM Modi also thanked the countries that extended help to India when it was battling the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several countries including the US and Canada have extended help to India to combat the pandemic.

PM Modi’s scheduled trip to the UK to take part in the G7 leaders’ summit—the first in-person meeting of world leaders after the COVID-19 outbreak last year—had to be cancelled owing to the second wave of the pandemic that wreaked havoc in the country. The prime minister addressed the summit virtually. Notably, India is not part of the G7, but was invited by UK PM Boris Johnson along with Australia, South Korea and South Africa.

India seeking TRIPS waiver

PM Modi also sought G7’s support for a proposal moved by India and South Africa at the World Trade Organisation for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) waiver on COVID-related technologies. The waiver will help India scale up the production of anti-COVID-19 vaccines.

The argument found strong support from Australia and other countries. French President Emmanuel Macron too argued for strengthening the abilities of countries like India that can play a vital role to contain the pandemic.

Society approach

Pm Modi also highlighted India’s “whole of society” approach to fight the pandemic, synergising the efforts of all levels of the government, industry and civil society.

He also explained India’s successful use of open-source digital tools for contact tracing and vaccine management, and conveyed India’s willingness to share its experience and expertise with other developing countries.


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