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PM Modi criticises Opposition for misleading farmers


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday targeted the Opposition for its criticism of the two controversial farm bills that were passed by the Parliament in the monsoon session. PM Modi hailed the new bills as “historic” and took a dig at Opposition leaders for “misleading the farmers”.

He said the new bills will enable the farmers to sell their produce at a place and price of their choice.

PM Modi said this during the virtual foundation stone laying ceremony for nine highway projects in Bihar.

Some people are losing control

Taking a jibe at Congress, PM Modi said: “After these historical changes in the agricultural sector, some people are losing control. Now, these people are trying to mislead farmers on MSP. They are the same people who sat for years on the recommendations of the Swaminathan committee on MSP.”

Agricultural markets will continue to function

Describing the legislations as “historic”, the PM Modi claimed that government-regulated agricultural markets won’t come to an end and said that if anyone said otherwise then he/she was “blatantly lying”.

In a bid to dispel concerns among a section of farmers, he said he wanted to make it clear that the bills are not against “mandis” (agricultural markets) as such markets will continue to function.

Govt procurement of farm produce increased during PM Modi’s tenure

Highlighting his government’s efforts to boost MSP and the purchase of farm produce, he said that government procurement of farm produce during his tenure has increased.

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“If I talk about pulses and oilseeds, then government procurement of pulses and oilseeds has been increased almost 24 times than before,” PM Modi said.

8 Rajya Sabha MP’s suspended for opposing farm bills

Eight Rajya Sabha MPs belonging to Opposition parties on Monday were suspended from the House.

The suspension came after the MPs vehemently protested against the passage of the two controversial farm bills resulting in chaos within the house. The suspension is for a period of one week.

The government moved a motion for the suspension of the Opposition MPs for “bringing disrepute” to the House. The motion was approved by the House amid protests from Opposition leaders.


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