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PM Modi congratulates Harivansh Singh for 2nd term as Rajya Sabha’s deputy chairperson


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday congratulated JD(U) MP Harivansh Narayan Singh for getting elected as the deputy chairperson of the Rajya Sabha for the second time. PM Modi said that members of the House have shown great respect for Harivansh Singh as is shown by people who know him.

The PM also spoke about the role of Bihar in the country’s democratic ethos. He also recalled the role played by Jayprakash Narayan and Karpuri Thakur. Notably, Bihar election is round the corner and BJP has already declared that it will go to the polls with JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar as its CM candidate.

Bihar has been the “land of India’s democratic system”, PM Modi said. “I believe that Harivansh Ji will take forward this legacy,” he added.

Harivansh Singh has fulfilled all expectations

The PM said Singh had fulfilled all the expectations. “Last time, I had said that I am hopeful that just as Hari (Lord) belongs to all, Harivansh too will be fair to all sides. We have seen how it is more difficult for umpires than the players to ensure the games are played as per the rules. It is challenging to convince people to play as per the rules. He has shown his decisiveness and won the confidence of those who didn’t know him,” PM Modi said.

“Last year many bills that changed the direction of the country were passed. This House made a new record for being the most productive even when it was an election year. This is a great matter of pride that apart from productivity, positivity also grew in Rajya Sabha,” he said.

Harivansh is grounded: PM Modi

The PM also referred to Singh’s roots and said he was grounded because of where he came from.

“When you speak to those who are close to Harivansh, we realise why he is so rooted. In his village, the school was held under a neem tree and that is where he studied. A person who sat on the ground understands the ground issues,” the PM said.

“Someone once told me that once he went to high school, it was decided that he will get a pair of shoes, before that he had no shoes. A villager who used to make shoes was asked to make one for him and Harivansh would often go to see the progress. You can take a guess why he was so rooted and grounded,” he added.


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