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PM Modi slams critics of Central Vista project—Here’s what you need to know


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday slammed the critics of the Union government’s ambitious Central Vista project being executed at an estimated cost of Rs 20,000 crore. The project comprises a new Parliament building, government offices and a refurbished North and South Blocks.

PM Modi, while inaugurating two new multi-storey swanky office complexes at Kasturba Gandhi Marg and Africa Avenue for over 7,000 employees of the defence ministry and armed forces, said that the project focuses on ease of living and doing business.

Misinformation campaign

Hitting out at the critics, PM Modi said, “We all saw how some people tried to sabotage the important Central Vista project… how they ran personal agendas to spread misinformation. But not once did they speak about the condition of these hutments… from where our ministries work. Not once did they mention the new Defence Ministry complexes and how crucial they are. If they had done so, their lies and agendas would have been exposed.”

Notably, the Opposition, including Congress and its leaders Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, had criticised the government’s priority to the Central Vista project amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They had also slammed the government for giving it an “essential service” tag, which essentially meant that the construction would go on despite the pandemic.

Modern offices for armed forces

PM Modi said that modern defence ministry offices reflected his government placing “highest priority and honour” to the nation’s armed forces. The old offices—around 700 hutments spread over 50 acres—will be redeveloped to house a new ‘Executive Enclave’, which will include a new residence for the Prime Minister.

“It always surprised me that the Defence Ministry, like some others, was run from World War II-era hutments… these were made keeping horses and stables in mind. I always wondered how such important ministries were being run from old, dilapidated hutments…” he said.

The prime minister added, “This (the new offices) is a big step towards the construction of a modern Defence Ministry enclave in the capital… (which will) further strengthen our efforts to make the working (conditions) of our armed forces more convenient and more effective.”


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