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Nations supporting terrorism should be held accountable: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that it is important that nations supporting terrorism are held accountable. PM Modi said this during his address at the BRICS summit. Russia is hosting the summit this year, whereas India will be hosting the summit next year.

Notably, BRICS is an international forum comprising of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The five nations meet annually to discuss and cooperate on political, social and economic issues.

PM Modi said, “Terrorism is the biggest problem facing the world today. We have to ensure that the countries that support and assist the terrorists are held accountable, and this problem is tackled in an organised manner.”

PM Modi congratulates Russia for counter-terrorism strategy

PM Modi, during his address, also congratulated Russia for the finalisation of the BRICS counter-terrorism strategy under its leadership. PM Modi said that India will take the matter forward during its leadership in 2021.

Modi’s remarks on terrorism were endorsed by Putin, who said some countries were like the “black sheep of the family” and the world cannot afford any complacency in dealing with problems such as terrorism and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Noting that important geo-strategic changes were taking place around the world, Modi said these would impact security, stability and growth, and Brics will play an important role in tackling these issues.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted his government’s flagship Atmanirbhar Bharat or Self-Reliant India campaign on the BRICS platform. The PM said that the campaign will instill a comprehensive reform process, which can help India become a strong contributor to the global value chains in the post-COVID era.

“We have started a comprehensive reform process under the ‘Self-reliant India’ campaign. The campaign is based on the belief that a self-reliant and resilient India post-COVID can be a force multiplier for the global economy and make a strong contribution to the global value chains,” PM Modi said.


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