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With 100 crore vaccine doses, India has left the world speechless: PM Modi in address to nation

  • Urging people to be cautious, PM Modi pointed out that weapons are never laid down until the war ends

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Friday, a day after India crossed the milestone of having administered 1 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Talking about the nationwide vaccination campaign, PM Modi said that just like a disease did not discriminate, there could be no discrimination in vaccination. “Hence, it was ensured that the VIP culture did not influence the vaccination process,” he said.

He pointed out that there were speculations that majority of the people in India would not come for vaccination. “People in India have left everyone speechless after taking 100 crore doses. Several big countries have been facing the challenge of vaccine hesitancy,” he said.


PM Modi also referred to calls for banging of plants and lighting of lamps during the pandemic.

“People had asked if the disease would go away by doing this… But in these events, we got to see the unity of the country. It is this strength that helped the country achieve the milestone of 100 crore doses,” he said.

He shared that the country had crossed the mark of 1 crore doses a day on multiple occasions.

“It is a matter of pride for us that our vaccination programme is science-bound, science-driven and science-made. From making of the vaccine to its administration, science and scientific approach are involved,” the PM said.

While acknowledging that manufacturing, scaling up production and supplying vaccines to far-flung areas were no mean tasks, he said that with new innovations, the country had found solutions to all these challenges.

India’s CoWIN platform has been an attraction for the world, he said, adding that not only did it facilitate the common people, but also eased the work of the medical fraternity.

About the country’s economy, he remarked that there was trust, enthusiasm and optimism all over, thanks to record investment and employment opportunities.

PM Modi pointed out that recent reforms like drone policy and Gati Shakti would play major role in booting the economy.

He also emphasized on the need to promote ‘Make in India’ and purchase ‘Made in India’ products.

Like the Swachh Bharat movement, buying in India too should be made a part of our behavior, he opined.

“The 100-crore vaccination mark is not just a number. Our success gives us new confidence. We can say that our country can aim high and also achieve that aim successfully,” PM Modi said.

He also urged people to remain cautious as the war against Covid was not over yet. “However good a shield is, one must now lay down one’s weapons as long as the war is on. Just like we have got into the habit of wearing shoes while going out, we must make it a habit to wear a mask while stepping out,” he said,


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