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After over a year of protests, PM finally gives in: 3 controversial farm laws to be repealed


New Delhi: In a major victory for all the farmers protesting against the three controversial farm laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday morning announced that the laws would be repealed. He said the process for the same would begin by month-end.

After making the announcement, PM Modi urged the protesting farmers camping outside Delhi to return to their homes, farms and families.

Farmers have been protesting against the three farm laws for more than a year. Many farmers from Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh have been camping at Delhi borders, demanding repealing of the laws.

After detailing his government’s efforts to improve the condition of farmers, Modi said, “Our government is working to ensure that the financial and social position of farmers strengthens. In this mega drive to improve the farmers’ condition, three farm laws had been introduced. The objective was bring reforms in the farm sector and ensure that farmers, especially small farmers, get empowered. They get right price for product and options to sell their product.

Hundreds of farmers from every nook and corner of the country, agri sector experts and economists had welcomed and approved the laws, Modi said, expressing gratitude to all of them.

“Our government had introduced these farm laws with the best of intention and the interests of farmers in mind, but despite efforts we could not convince a few farmers. Even if it was just a section of farmers opposing, it was important for us. We used several mediums to explain to them… we tried to understand their arguments,” said Modi.

“The government was ready to change the clauses that they (the farmers) were objecting to. We proposed to suspend the laws for two years. Meanwhile, the matter went to the Supreme Court,” the PM said.

Concluding the address, he said, “Today, I have come to tell you and the entire country that we have decided to repeal the three farm laws. We will begin the Constitutional process to repeal the laws during the Parliament session this month.”


PM talks about his government’s achievements

After greeting everybody on the occasion of Dev Dipawali and Guru Parv at the start of his address to the nation on Friday morning, PM Modi talked about the achievements of his government in the agriculture sector. He shared that 80 out of 100 farmers in the country are small farmers with less than 2 hectares of land. “There are more than 10 crore such farmers,” he said.

Around 22 crore soil health cards were distributed to farmers, he said.

PM Modi added that in last four years, over Rs 1 lakh crore had been paid as compensation to farmers. “We took insurance and pension to small farmers and farm labourers. We directly transferred 1.62 lakh crore to their accounts. We strengthened the rural market infrastructure of the country,” he added. He shared that the Centre’s agri-budget is five times higher and the crop loan has been doubled. “This year, it will be 16 lakh crore,” Modi said.



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