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Rising petrol prices: Gujarat deputy CM Nitin Patel says low VAT in state has helped!


Gujarat deputy chief minister Nitin Patel has said that low VAT rates in the state mean it has managed to shield the citizens from a substantial rise in petrol diesel price hike.

Patel said that VAT on petrol and diesel was the lowest in Gujarat in the country and this resulted in price hike impact being minimal in the state.

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Defending the price rise by the Centre where the BJP is in power, Nitin Patel said that crude oil constituted a major import for India and its prices have gone up in the international market and this, in turn, resulted in prices being hiked in the country. He said at present it is around $60 a barrel.

He also said that both Central and state revenues have been hit due to the COVID pandemic and hence the price rise was imperative.

He said the Centre’s push towards renewable energy will in the future help reduce our dependence on crude oil and this will, in turn, make the varying prices ineffective for the nation. He said had the UPA worked in pushing renewable energy in the country we would not be facing the present situation.

Interestingly when he was reminded that during the UPA rule international crude oil prices stood at $130 and yet prices in the country had not gone this high, he avoided the question by saying that the UPA would know what it tried to do.

Petrol/diesel price hike

Petrol and diesel touched new highs across the country on February 18 after its price was hiked by 34 paise reaching Rs89.88 per litre . Diesel price in the national capital also touched a new high at Rs80.27 due to a 32 paise increase in price.

The retail price of petrol touched hundred for the first time hit too and citizens took to social media to post sarcastic comments about the same. Interestingly, as petrol prices touched new high Prime Minister Narendra Modi blamed the previous government’s for the same.


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