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People of Kerala Made a Mistake by Electing Rahul Gandhi: Ramchandra Guha


Historian Ramachandra Guha says that Rahul Gandhi’s leadership will only benefit Prime Minister Modi. Speaking at the Kerala Literature Festival, Guha asked the public of Kerala that why they chose Rahul Gandhi. Guha also said that Rahul Gandhi is a member and a well-mannered person, he personally has no problem.

Ram Chandra Guha said, “If you Malayali people make Rahul Gandhi’s re-election Win in 2024 then you people are directly benefiting Narendra Modi. Because the biggest advantage of Narendra Modi is that he is not Rahul Gandhi. I personally have no problem with them but young India does not want to let any dynasty rule the fifth generation.”

Narendra Modi has made himself, he lead a state for 15 years, he has experience. He is a hard worker and never goes to Europe. I say this very seriously.”

Guha opposes the Citizenship Amendment Act
It is important that Ramchandra Guha is one of the intellectuals who has openly opposed the new Citizenship Amendment Act. He was also arrested during a demonstration in Bengaluru.

There is a nationwide protest against the new citizenship law. Which is being counted against the original spirit of the Constitution. For the first time, citizenship is being provided on the basis of religion in this country by law. The prospect of linking this law with the NRC above has frightened the public.

Under this law, the conditions for granting citizenship to Hindus, Parsis, Jains, Buddhist Christians and Sikhs coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have been relaxed.

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