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‘Pehle Matdaan Fir Jalpaan’ is NOT Visible, Know the Voting Field, How Many Votes Casted When?


Voting has started in all 70 seats for the Delhi Assembly elections. A crowd of voters has been seen at the polling booth since morning for voting. Delhi’s 1.4 Crore voters are deciding the fate of 672 candidates in all 70 seats in EVM today. While tweeting on Delhi elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that my appeal to all voters is that they should participate in this festival of democracy in maximum number and create a new record of voting. Especially the youth today break the record. At the same time, Kejriwal appealed to women to take part in this great cause of democracy. But by now the results of the elections are coming out, it seems that the slogan of voting before refreshment is not working.

Despite all efforts of Election Commission, there is no visible impact on the voters of Delhi and till now the voting percentage is quite low. After the polling started at 8 am, only 4.33% polling has been done within two hours, which is very less as compared to the previous elections. The people of Delhi showed enthusiasm in 2015 assembly elections. There was enthusiasm among voters in that election since morning.

Till 9 in the morning, there was 5.4% voting in 2015. The current election till now it is just 3%. This time there is a lot of disappointment in the voting till 9 pm as compared to previous elections. The situation was same till 10 am. In the first two hours in 2015, there was 7.3% voting, while till now at 10 pm only 4.7% of the votes have been cast. This means that it is 2.65 less than the previous elections.

Turnout of Percent
In 2015 Assembly Elections in Delhi, the turnout was 67.12%. At the same time, the voting percentage in the 2013 assembly elections was 65.63%. Earlier, 57.58% of the people had voted in Delhi in 2008 assembly elections. While 53.42% of the people had exercised their franchise in 2003 assembly elections.

Highest voting record in 1977
However, Delhi still has a record of 71.3% voting which took place in 1977. But this record is before the commencement of the process of assembly elections in 1993 in Delhi Union Territory.

This time the Delhi Election Commission has prepared to get maximum voting through this it has made every effort to break the record of 2015. In Delhi, about 1.25 lakh security personnel are holding the security front in view of voting. At the same time, the metro has started at four o’clock in the morning and the Election Commission has made arrangements for free transportation for voters above 80 years of age and disabled.

How many voters in Delhi
There are 1.4 crore voters in all the 70 assembly seats in Delhi. Of these, the number of men is 81.05 lakhs, while the number of women voters is 66.80 lakhs. The number of first time voters is 2.32 lakh.