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Pegasus spyware row: Modi govt committed treason, misled Supreme Court and public, says Congress


New Delhi: Close on heels of an international report over Pegasus spyware, the Congress reignited its protests, with Rahul Gandhi accusing the Narendra Modi-led government of treason.

“Modi government bought Pegasus to spy on our primary democratic institutions, politicians and public. Govt functionaries, opposition leaders, armed forces, judiciary all were targeted by these phone tappings. This is treason,” tweeted Rahul.

“Modi Govt has committed treason,” he added.

The New York Times had in its report said that the Indian government had bought the spyware in 2017 as part of $2-billion package.

The Pegasus scandal, since the time it was revealed, has been a global news, with allegations that a few governments spied on journalists, activists, politicians, opponents and others, triggering aggressive debates over breach of privacy.

In India, too, the names of several individuals were reportedly on the list of targets of the spyware.

The Opposition party has been demanding answers from the government over the use of Pegasus in the country. The protests reached the Parliament, because of which the daily proceedings were disrupted.

At a press conference of Saturday, Congress MP and leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said that the party had raised the issue in the Parliament last year and would do so again.

“Why did Modi Govt act like the enemies of India and use a warfare weapon against Indian citizens? Illegal snooping using Pegasus amounts to treason. No one is above the law and we will ensure that justice is served,” he said.

At the conference, he said that the Parliament, the people of the country and even the Supreme Court were deceived by Modi government.

“Shocking new expose in an international publication has now confirmed what we have long asserted,” tweeted Congress leader Randeep Surjewala.

In a statement, the party said, “The BJP machinery engaged in a massive and coordinated strategy to dupe and betray the Indian public.”

“It is now clear that the Modi government, led by the Prime Minister himself, purchased the softwar, duped the parliament, misled the Supreme Court, used public money to spy and snoop upon its own people, hijacked the democracy in the runup to the 2019 Lok Sabha and committed treason,” the statement read.




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