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Pastor in Amraiwadi accused of stalking, sharing pics of teen girl


A pastor in Amraiwadi area of the city was booked by the city police after a 16-year old accused him of harassment. The class 11 teen accused the pastor of sharing her private pictures and stalking her.

As per a complaint, the girl said she had visited a church on December 25 last year with some of her friends. The pastor there asked her to call her parents. Later he got in touch with her parents and a religious ceremony was also organised at her house.


She said the pastor would often call her on the pretext of wanting to talk to her father.

What happened

As the conversation went, the pastor allegedly confessed to being in love with her and asked her to send her private pictures. He would also talk to her through video calls and make obscene demands. He would often stalk her. When she tried to stop talking to him, he threatened to release her private pictures. She said he also warned her not to tell her father about it.

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Some days ago, a friend of the victim’s father contacted him and showed him some of her obscene pictures. He said he had received the pictures from someone. Later her father too started getting some of her obscene pictures. That was when she told her father about the pastor.
Police said the pastor has been detained and will be arrested once his COVID-19 test results are out.

Teen molested

Earlier, a 19-year-old teen in Rakhial area was molested and slapped by youth from the same area in August first week. The girl in her complaint said that the accused one Karan Chavla used to follow her wherever she went to work. She said she had not told her family as she did not want the two families to get into a fight.

Later when she was on her way home once, the accused brushed against her once again. When she protested he started shouting and then hit her. The girl began crying for help and locals rushed in to help her. But the accused had left by then. Police later arrested Chavla.

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