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Paresh Rawal’s brother held for gambling in Mehsana


Former BJP MP from Gujarat and well-known Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal’s younger brother and cousin have been arrested for gambling.

The duo was among the 20 people who were arrested by the local police in Mehsana.

They were allegedly found gambling at a senior citizen’s club.

Media reports said Himanshu Rawal is the younger brother of Paresh Rawal.

One Kirti Rawal, who was also arrested, is the cousin of actor Paresh Rawal.

The Parole and Furlough team of the Local Crime Branch (LCB) raided the Mathurdas Club following a tip-off.

The raid that was carried out early morning resulted in the seizure of Rs1.94 lakh in cash, 16 mobile phones, and three cars.

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The total value of the seizure amounted to Rs6.33 lakh.

The arrested men were later released on bail.

The tip-off to cops had alerted that Himanshu Rawal and Kirti Rawal were bringing gamblers from outside the district to Mathurdas club and providing gambling facilities.

Media reports said the gambling operations had been on for some time and was being run by Himanshu and Kirti Rawal.

Reports said patrons from Visnagar, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jodhpur, Sarkhej, Mehsana, and Mumbai were quite common at the club.

Reports also said that the two provided transportation to those who wanted to gamble at the club.

This was also done to prevent having too many cars from being parked at the same place and arousing suspicion.

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