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Paresh Dhanani wants probe into Gujarati film subsidy scam


Opposition leader Paresh Dhanani has written a letter to chief minister Vijay Rupani alleging scam in subsidy given for Gujarati movies.

He said that several producers have unjustly got Rs4 crore worth of subsidy by taking advantage of a 2019 policy although their movies qualified for a subsidy under the old 2016 policy.

Dhanani has alleged that this unjust granting of subsidy to producers who were not eligible for it in the first place has left many genuine producers in the lurch as they were not given the subsidy.

Dhanani has asked the chief minister to begin an investigation in the matter and ensure that the additional sum given as subsidy to such movie producers is returned to the state exchequer.

Panel members themselves violated rules: Paresh Dhanani

Paresh Dhanani said that he was apprised of the matter after one Manoj Kumar Patel from Ahmedabad wrote to him about it.

The complaint by Patel said that in January 2020, 37 Gujarati movies were to be graded for subsidy by the information and broadcasting department of the state government.

Through RTI, Patel found that of the 37 movies that were considered for a subsidy, 18 were movies that fell under the subsidy rules of 2016 as they were made in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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Despite qualifying as per the 2016 rules, they were given a subsidy of Rs4 crore in all as they were considered under the new 2019 film subsidy rules.

The Rs4 crore additional subsidy was given to the movie by the micro committee which had framed the 2019 subsidy rules in the first place.

Patel alleged that many members of the micro committee gave their own movies subsidy under the 2019 rules even though they qualified as per the 2016 rules.

Dhanani said the state needed to investigate the matter and seek the return of the taxpayers’ money. He also said that those who were rightfully eligible for the subsidy should be given the same.


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