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After being detained, Cong leader Paresh Dhanani takes protest inside police station


Leader of Opposition Paresh Dhanani continued his protest in the police station premises after being detained by the cops for taking part in a protest against 25% reduction in school fees of private schools in the state.

Congress was demanding that fees should be forgiven for the year given the poor economic condition. Dhanani had led a protest in Amreli on the issue and was detained for the same.

Dhanani had carried out a token fast on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti to demand a complete fee waiver in private schools due to the pandemic.

Congress has been demanding the same for quite some time now.

Paresh Dhanani on the fee issue

Congress said that the fee mafia in the state was playing with the future of over 2 crore children in the state.

Dhanani said the state government could ask private schools for a complete fee waiver when the high court has also said that it has the power to decide on the issue.

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“Yet the government chose to back the private school mafia and offered a measly 25% reduction in fees,” said Dhanani.

The Congress said the police picked up Paresh Dhanani without giving an appropriate reason at the behest of the state government. Dhanani said when questioned as to why he was being detained even the cops did not have an answer for the same.

Paresh Dhanani, however, continued to shout slogans in the police station demanding that they could put him in jail or hang him but the state will have to waive off the fee.


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