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Over 3,500 Pakistani nationals living in Rajasthan to get Indian citizenship


Over 3,500 Pakistani nationals, who are living in five districts of Rajasthan, will now be able to get Indian citizenship.

The new directives by the Union home ministry to grant citizenship to non-Muslims will enable the district collectors to issue citizenship certificates. These districts are Udaipur, Pali, Barmer, Sirohi, and Jalore.

Earlier, the district collectors of only Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer were authorised to issue citizenship certificates to migrant Pakistanis. The district collectors will now be able to issue citizenship certificates to those who have been continuously living in these five districts for the past seven years.

1,500 Pakistani migrants in Barmer to get citizenship

According to a Rajasthan home department official in Jaipur, after the new directive issued by the Union home ministry, about 1,500 Pakistani migrants living in Barmer for the past seven years will now be granted citizenship. Similarly, 900 people from Jalore, 800 from Sirohi, 300 from Udaipur, and 40 from Jaipur will be entitled to citizenship in these districts.

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Online application process

The applications for citizenship will have to be made online. A secretary-level official of the state’s home department or the district collectors will attest the documents submitted online. After the verification of the documents, the district collector will issue citizenship and inform the Union Home ministry about it.

Jai Ahuja, the president of Nimetekam, an organization that helps migrants from other countries in getting Indian citizenship, has welcomed the new directives of the Union government.

Ahuja said that migrants from Pakistan, who were living in India, had to submit their passports every year for revalidation. Now, those who are living in India for the past seven years with all the legal travel documents will be entitled to citizenship.


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