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Pakistani Hindu brides to return to India


Two Pakistani Hindu brides who were married to Indians and who could not travel to India as they could not get the long-term visa (LTV) will now join their husbands.

The two women, who were married in 2019 to Indians belonging to the border districts of Barmer and Jaisalmer, have been given the long-term visa by the Indian consulate in Karachi. This enabled them to travel up to the Wagah border from where they would enter India.

The two brides were issued the visa after the persistent efforts of their husbands. The two women will arrive at the Wagah border on Monday, International Women’s Day.

But another Pakistani woman, married to another Indian and who is a mother of an infant has not been granted a visa, but the child and the child’s maternal grandmother, who lives in the Sindh province of Pakistan, have been granted visas. The child will now travel with the grandmother to India.

Naipal Singh, who is a Sodha Rajput and belonged to the Jaisalmer district married a Pakistani woman in Pakistan’s Sindh province on January 26, 2019. Similarly, the second youth Mahendra Singh, who belonged to the Barmer district went to Pakistan and married a Pakistani Rajput woman on April 16, 2019.

They could not bring their wives as the visa was being processed. But after that, the relations between the two countries soured following the Pulwama attack and they had to return to India without their brides even after staying in Pakistan for four months. They could return to India with great difficulty.

The third bridegroom Vikram Singh, who was married to another Rajput woman and who was blessed with a child named Rajveer Singh is travelling with her maternal grandmother Mor Kunwar.

Pakistani brides to take blessings of Union minister

The brides who are returning to India will take the blessings of Union minister Kailash Choudhary before travelling to Jaisalmer and Barmer to join their husbands.


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